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If you would like to tell us about what you are doing to help combat climate change or would like a visit we'd love to hear from you.

If you want to join in check out our easy tips to get you started. Why not have a go at some ecodiddle karaoke or put on a show to share the fun & spread the message!

Ernest Ecodiddle has woken up all soggy. His lovely ice cave home is melting so he has decided to go on a quest to solve this eco-riddle. Join him on his adventures as he finds out all about climate change, has some fun and makes new friends along the way.
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This has to stop. Let's find out what's going on around here.

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Hi Folks, I'm Hope the ecodiddle earth scientist.  I help Ernest solve the eco-riddle of his melting ice   cave by sending him on adventures into space, and all over the Earth.


                                      Ecodiddles are cheery, clever but secretive creatures.
                                           Rarely seen, no one is quite sure if they are bat-like
                                 dragons or dragon-like bats! They happily chill out in ice caves,
                               drinking iced tea and eating ice-cream. If they get too hot ecodiddles get very
                                 grumpy and jumpy. Their tummy scales glow green and they will stop at nothing
                                  to get cool again. Discover what gets Ernest hot under the collar, see what it takes to cool him down and find out how we can help keep it that way in these Ecodiddle books....
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Ecoddidle Explores series learning & act

As Ernest explores why not join me and Hope as we try out some fun activities to help me understand what Ernest sees on his adventures as he travels around finding out about Planet Earth and its changing climate?

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Howdy, I'm Chopper. I love cutting down trees. Nowadays I think before I chop, but it hasn't always been like that. Find out how Ernest saved me, my family and all our neighbours so we could have a bright future in "The Ecodiddle Emergency".

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Join me as I help Ernest find some answers about his melting ice cave. As Ernest spots the clues and jots down some notes we manage to solve the eco-riddle  in 10 easy steps and even show Bernie how and why he can change his ways along the way too.

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Hi Folks,

I'm Bernie the cat.

I was very greedy and wasteful until clever Ernest tricked me into changing my ways! Find out what happened in

"The Ecodiddle


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