Something is making Ernest's ice cave melt. Join him on his quest to work out what is making him so hot under the collar and put a stop to it......

This delightful chapter book covers all sorts of eco-topics linked with sustainability and makes them really accessible to everyone in this fast moving and funny illustrated rhyme about climate change.

Whether you read it for pleasure, for home study or to stimulate discussions in the classroom this book appeals to adults and children and gets us all thinking about our own lifestyle choices and the impact we are having on our planet.



Ernest Ecodiddle has 10 big questions! His ice cave has melted and Bernie the cat’s business empire seems to have something to do with it.  He meets up with Hope, an ecodiddle scientist who helps him find answers and understand what has happened.


Ernest records what he learns about the heating and cooling of Planet Earth and shares it with us in his light-hearted, easy to follow notebook. As they piece the clues together they solve the eco-riddle of climate change on Earth and Hope explains how we can all help to look after our planet better. They even convince Bernie the cat to change his ways!


“Solving the Eco-riddle” takes an unusual, but informative look at the science behind climate change. It's fun, cartoon-style is ideal for 7 – 12 year olds but is also interesting to adults making it accessible, understandable and enjoyable to all.



When Ernest Ecodiddle’s ice cave melted he had to find a new home. He moved to a lovely new ice cave on a beautiful island and settled in happily. All was fine until a family of bears moved in and got carried away. Ernest ends up saving his neighbours from the actions of the bears and with a little magic and the ecodiddle eco-code he helps them all live in harmony long into the future.


Ideal for 5-12 year olds "The Ecodiddle Emergency" is a delightful illustrated chapter book which introduces the idea of sustainability and makes it really understandable in a fast moving, funny rhyme about lifestyle choice. Whether you read it for pleasure, use it for home study or to stimulate discussions in the classroom this book appeals to both adults and children and gets us all thinking about the effect we have on our planet.


     If you are looking for a fun introduction to the science behind climate change
 “The Ecodiddle Explores” series of light-hearted but informative cartoon-style notebooks is just what you're looking for - whether you are learning in the classroom,
   at home, or even to help you educate the adults around you!


       Ideal for 7-12 year olds (and older folks with a good sense of humour) these easy

     to read colourful and cheery books include practical activities, easily accessible explanations and wider aspects of general knowledge. While each book stands alone, the series builds up the basic science behind climate change and sustainability in easy to understand stages which link closely with the other Ecodiddle stories and books.


In this first adventure looking at “Planet Earth from Space”, Ernest finds out about gravity, orbit, sun, moon, matter, state, heat and temperature then links his findings to the ice, water, air, land and life he can see at the surface of Planet Earth.

Meanwhile back at base Hope and Bernie do some simple, fun activities to make it all easy to understand.




In this second adventure looking at “Day and Night”, Ernest finds out how energy from the sun reaches the surface of Planet Earth and how the shape, spin and tilt of the Earth results in us experiencing days and nights at the surface.

Meanwhile his friends back at base re-create what Ernest sees in space using torches, balls and even apples to help us understand what is going on.




In this third adventure looking at “Years and Seasons”, Ernest uses his super-fast space speed button to find out what happens as the Earth orbits around the sun.


Back at base his Hope and Bernie use balls, torches and a bit of humming to help us understand how the shape, spin, tilt and orbit of Planet Earth result in the years and seasons we experience at the surface of the Earth.




In this fourth adventure looking at “Planet Earth Inside Out”, Ernest drops through the layers of the atmosphere, learns about atmospheric pressure and the greenhouse effect before heading off for a closer look at ice caps, glaciers, rivers, lakes, oceans and deep inside the Earth's crust. He finds out about the rock cycle, tides, erosion and the cycle of life. Meanwhile back at base Hope and Bernie have fun with chocolate, ice cubes, water and sand castles and do experiments with plants.




In this fifth adventure looking at “Weather and Climate” Ernest learns about the energy cycle, air cycle and water cycle on Planet Earth, discovers what causes weather and how, over time, patterns of weather create different climates. Along the way Ernest joins Hope and Bernie as they have fun making clouds, wind vanes, barometers and doing lots of experiments with water and ice.



In this sixth adventure looking at “Climate Change” Ernest discovers what has affected the climate on Planet Earth in the past and learns how modern life will affect future climate. As he and his friends look at ice cores, fossils, steam engines, do activities, experiments and have barbeques they find out about human activity, fossil fuels, energy, electricity and greenhouse gases before taking a closer look at the impact a warming climate will have on Planet Earth.



In this seventh adventure looking at “Sustaining our World” Ernest finds ways to tackle modern climate change and live sustainably in the future using the Ecodiddle Eco-code. He and his friends, hope and Bernie, have fun baking, making paper, model water wheels, turbines, model batteries and planting trees as they find out about renewable resources, clean energy, how to reduce, re-use and recycle waste and the importance of plants and nature.



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