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Tip 6


More plants please!

Not felling any more natural forests and planting trees to replace felled forests and create new ones is a great way to help.

Looking after the soil properly as well as growing and eating more plants can help to make a big difference too.

Green plants, especially  forests, are really important when it comes to combatting climate change.

Tip 5


Clean up waste, litter and pollution and always look after nature.

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Rubbish gets everywhere - even the remotest places.

Hope helps animals.png

Bernie was such a trash-cat until Ernest and I showed him all the problems his rubbish caused.

Plastic makes me SICK!!!

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Bernie trash cat.png

Tip 4


Reduce waste by re-using, repairing and recycling as much as you can

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Ernest mending.png

 Get mending!

Repair and re-use as much as you can.

I can reduce waste by using this re-usable shopping bag and avoiding single use items and extra packaging.

Carefully sort any waste you can't re-use so as much as possible can be recycled


Tip 3


Use renewable energy and avoid using fossil fuels when you can.

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Let's get as much power from renewable sources like wind, water, and solar as possible.

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 By leaving my car at home and buying locally I can reduce the amount of fossil fuels I use.

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Tip 2


Take only what you need and don't be greedy.

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Mmm, and I'll try to resist these tempting bargain multi-packs that will go off before I can eat them.

I'll save energy by switching off  the lights when I'm not in the room.

To save energy and water I'll turn off the taps when I clean my teeth from now on.

I don't need to fell every tree to make my own cabin!

I will re-plant what I have felled too.

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Bernie transparent hands in pockets_edit

Hey Kids,

you can use these books to educate yourselves so you can explain to your adults why this is soooo important!!!!!

Hope has shown me how some gases in

the atmosphere trap in heat.This is called 


Modern living, including burning fossil fuels, adds extra greenhouse gas into the atmosphere which acts like a GIANT BLANKET and traps in even more heat.

Increasing temperature affects the climate and causes problems for life on Earth.

Tip 1


Follow the

eco-code, learn about climate change and share the facts

with others.

Hi Folks,

You know if we are careful about what we use and how we act we can keep the planet in good shape so it supports life long into the future. Everyone can help just by following my eco-code.

Here's some tips to get you started

Bernie - new view.png

Hope and Ernest helped me make big changes to clean up my act.


If lots of people also make many small changes this can add up to a huge effect too; so why not share Hope's eco-code with others and share your ideas with us to help us all make as big a difference as possible?



I've turned over  new leaf and even do beach cleaning and litter picking now.

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